Last update: 12/July/2018

次回の発表 (The next seminar)

発表次第(12 July 2018, No. 1477):


1. Taro HINO (B4) [Charge in Prof. NISHI]

Schiebel, R. et al. (2017) Modern planktic foraminifers in the high-latitude ocean. Marine Micropaleontology, 136, 1-13. doi: 10.1016/j.marmicro.2017.08.004


2. Kazuyuki YOSHIDA (B4) [Charge in Dr. TAKASHIMA]

Stéphan Bodin et al. (2015) Large igneous provinces and organic carbon burial: Contents on global temperature and weathering during the Early Cretaceous. Global and Planetary Change, 133, 238–253.

doi: 10.1016/j.gloplacha.2015.09.001


3. Shohei IWAI (M2)

巨礫を動かした津波・高波イベントの識別方法(Hydrodynamic equations to identify extreme wave events which have transported boulders)

1) Majid Shah-Hosseini, Amr Saleem, Abdel-Moneim A. Mahmoud (2016)

Coastal boulder deposits atteinding to large wave impacts on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt. Nat Hazards, 83: 849-865.

2) Drasti Gandhi, K.A. Chavare, S.P. Prizomwala, Nilesh Bhatt, N.Y. Bhatt (2017)Testing the numerical models for boulder transport through high energy marine wave event: An example from southern Saurashtra. Western India. Quaternary International, 444: 209-216.








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Information on the IGPS Seminar

時間 (time):13時10分~ (From 13:10– )

場所 (place):理学研究科合同A棟 203号室 (Room No.203, Science Complex A Building (H-02))

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平成27年度 (2015)(工事中)

平成26年度 (2014)(工事中)

セミナー係(平成30年度前期)(Responsibilities to the seminar in this semester)

教員(Staff):山田 努  (Tsutomu YAMADA)

博士課程後期(D):桑原 里 (Sato KUWABARA, D2)

博士課程前期(M):矢野元康(Motoyasu YANO, M1)

学部(B):竹井達哉(Tatsuya TAKEI, B4)・南舘健太(Kenta MINAMIDATE, B4)