Last update: 6/Feb./2019

次回の発表 (The next seminar)

発表次第(7 Feb. 2019, No. 1488):


1. Yuto FUJIWARA  (B3) [Charge in Prof. KAIHO]

Schmidt, A., et al., (2016) Selective environmental stress from Sulphur emitted by continental flood basalt eruptions. Nature Geoscience,  9, 77–82.


2. Hiromu TAKASAWA (B3) [Charge in Dr. TAKAYANAGI]

Qin, B., et al. (2018) Deep-Water Carbonate Ion Concentrations in the Western Tropical Pacific Since the Mid-Pleistocene: A Major Perturbation During the Mid-Brunhes. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 123, 6876–6892.

doi: 10.1029/2018JC014084


3. Hiroshi FUJIOKA (D1)


Studies of diagenetic alteration for isotopic compositions of fossil brachiopod shells and challenges for the future


4. Sato KUWABARA (D2)

地質 からみた斜面崩壊 を起こしやすい 場所 の予測

Prediction of landslide from the viewpoint of geology





















Information on the IGPS Seminar

時間 (time):13時10分~ (From 13:10–14:30)

場所 (place):理学研究科合同A棟 203号室 (Room No. 203, Science Complex A (H-02))

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過去の講演要旨 (Abstracts of previous talks)

平成27年度 (2015)(工事中)

平成26年度 (2014)(工事中)

セミナー係(平成30年度前期)(Responsibilities to the seminar in this semester)

教員(Staff):山田 努  (Tsutomu YAMADA)

博士課程後期(D):桑原 里 (Sato KUWABARA, D2)

博士課程前期(M):矢野元康(Motoyasu YANO, M1)

学部(B):上谷知久(Tomohisa KAMIYA, B3)・北見 匠(Takumi KITAMI, B3)